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Algeria - D1  
Austria - Bundesliga  
Brazil - A  
Denmark - superligaen   1st  
France - D I   D II   National  
Germany - 1st   2nd  
Ireland - Premier   D1  
Italy - A   B  
Mexico - primera  
Spain - 1st  


Through mathematics, and with a reasonable success ratio, it is now possible to predict the final score of a soccer match!

Of course certain scores could be wrong because of unpredictable events such as injured players, penalties, referee mistakes or bad weather conditions. This is what we call the random factor. However, this factor has a limited impact, and on an entire season, we get excellent results.

The method we use is the same as that used to forecast the weather, air pollution or week-end traffic. The method is based on series analysis.

We maintain a complete database of all national championship match results. A statistical analysis allows us to estimate with a low margin of error, the next day's match results.

Better than prognostics they are predictions!